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3 Characteristics of Limestone That Make it an Excellent Aggregate

At Flesherton Concrete Products, we provide a wide variety of aggregates such as gravel, sand, and stone for a variety of projects in the residential, commercial, industrial, and communal sectors. One of the specific aggregates we offer is limestone, one of the strongest sedimentary rocks. It has a variety of interesting attributes that make it useful in a variety of applications, and today, we will go over three characteristics of limestone that make it an excellent aggregate.

  1. Strength- Limestone is one of the best aggregates for concrete because it provides a huge advantage in terms of strength. This advantage is due to the angular shape of the limestone aggregate, which provides more surface area for the cement to bond tightly to it.
  2. Durability- Limestone is very durable and resilient because of its high density and low porosity. That makes it an exceptional aggregate for concrete since denser concrete makes for a stronger, more reliable building material.
  3. Low Thermal Expansion- Since limestone is fairly resistant to expansion and contraction when changes in temperature occur, it can help to prevent cracking and crumbling.

If you are interested in limestone for construction or some other project, you can turn to us for high-quality options. We have been in this business since 1985, so we have all the equipment and other resources we need to deliver limestone to your site. If you have any questions about limestone or our other aggregate products, contact us today for more information. We look forward to assisting you.