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5 Ways Recycled Concrete Benefits Road Projects

Recycled concrete is a popular and eco-friendly resource for building road bases. Reusing concrete debris offers several benefits for road building and maintenance, in addition to lowering the need for natural aggregates.

At Flesherton Concrete Products, we can deliver recycled concrete to give your road project the structural support and durability, it needs. Read on to learn more benefits of using recycled concrete.

  1. Sustainability. Recycled concrete reduces the negative effects of construction and demolition waste on the environment. We preserve natural resources and lessen the energy needed to extract and process new materials when we reuse old concrete. The greenhouse gas emissions from conventional aggregate production are also reduced by this approach.
  2. Cost Savings. It can be less expensive to use recycled concrete as a road base than it is to use conventional aggregates. In general, the cost of mining, crushing, and shipping natural aggregates is higher than that of processing and crushing recycled concrete. With limited funds for road development and maintenance, local governments and municipalities may find these cost savings very advantageous.
  3. Sturdiness. For road foundations, recycled concrete can be a strong and long-lasting material. It has been shown to be structurally sound, effectively distributing loads and offering sufficient support for the road surface.
  4. Accessibility. We make it easy to access recycled concrete supplies while also providing you with the support of our skilled team. With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve worked hard to fulfill the needs of our customers with attention to detail and excellent customer service.
  5. Good Drainage. Because recycled concrete is porous, it offers great drainage qualities. This makes it an excellent option for base layers in locations that get high levels of precipitation, as it can reduce the chance of erosion and help avoid water buildup on the road surface.

Recycled concrete can be an exceptional substitute for other materials and using it for road construction projects is often more affordable and environmentally friendly. Contact our team today to learn more.