Have you ever seen a driveway that sparkles, shines in the sun, or just looks more decorative than most? This is because the homeowners have chosen to have an exposed aggregate driveway. Choosing an exposed aggregate look on your driveway will provide your home with unique character and charm.  There are many reasons why someone would choose to install this type of driveway at their home or business:

  • Curb appeal– from the moment someone lays eyes on your driveway, they will notice there is something special about your property. The shimmering driveway will have the neighbourhood starring in awe.
  • Weather resistance- Unlike normal concrete, exposed aggregate provides some texture to your driveway. This texture is skid resistant and more resilient to natural weathering that takes place on a surface over time.
  • Low maintenance– The only maintenance required of an exposed aggregate driveway is occasional cleaning with clean water.  No special cleaners or scrubbers are required to keep it shining. Your driveway may require a resealing every now and then.
  • Customization– Due to the nature of the finish, no two exposed aggregates are alike. You can choose your shape, size, colour, etc. Because of this, it gives your home a unique look that will be different from your neighbors.

Considering an exposed aggregate driveway? At Flesherton Concrete Products, our goal is your happiness with our product. For additional ideas on exposed aggregate finishes, give our experts a call. We will be happy to answer any question or concern you may have regarding an exposed aggregate finish.