Gravel Driveway
At Flesherton Concrete Products, we want to help you build a great gravel driveway for your home. Gravel driveways are a cost-effective alternative to paved ones, and they do not require you to sacrifice durability or lifespan. For best results, we recommend you consult with our experienced team members–we can answer any questions you have and help troubleshoot when necessary. To help you get started, we have put together a list of some common mistakes to avoid when building your gravel driveway.

  • Bed is Too Soft- When building a gravel driveway, you can’t just spread your gravel on the lawn and call it done. Building your driveway on soft soil that has roots, grass, and other debris will create problems in the long run. You’ll need to remove all the topsoil and strip down to hard rock for a dependable driveway bed.
  • Poor Drainage- Another common mistake when building a gravel driveway is failing to make sure the driveway is properly levelled for drainage. If the driveway doesn’t drain correctly, it will eventually become eroded by water seeping up between the stones. In addition to creating a muddy mess, this water will stir up silt, which will rub against the stones and cause them to lose friction.
  • No Side Forms- Your gravel driveway also needs borders of some kind to keep the gravel from spreading out too far. Common borders include sturdy wooden forms or brick edges, which keep the gravel contained inside the boundaries of the driveway instead of scattering to the surrounding area.

If you want more expert tips for building a gravel driveway, consult with our team at Flesherton Concrete Products. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.