Everything You Need to Know About Paving Your Gravel, Asphalt, or Concrete Driveway

If you’ve decided that it’s time to install a new driveway on your property, then the most important decision you need to make is about what paving materials you want to use. The most common materials used in driveway paving are gravel, asphalt, and concrete. Each of these products has its own unique pros and cons and is better suited to different situations. This guide can help you decide which material is right for your driveway.

The Pros and Cons of Gravel

If constructed correctly, a gravel driveway can be economical, functional, and aesthetically appealing. Easily the most affordable driveway building material, gravel is quick to install and easy to maintain, only needing to be filled in from time to time. Because of the different types of gravel available, you can choose the style which best suits your home exterior and landscaping.

Gravel, however, can pose some unique challenges in the winter. Removing snow may be difficult and will often disturb the surface of the driveway. Conversely, on dry summer days, a gravel driveway may release dust if driven over, causing the exterior of your home to become dirty.

The Pros and Cons of Asphalt

If you’d prefer not to deal with the cons of gravel but are still looking for an economical option, then asphalt is a good choice. Asphalt driveways can hold up well to extreme weather conditions and, when properly maintained, can last for several decades.

Of course, asphalt does come with its own drawbacks, as well. For one, if not properly maintained, asphalt is quick to develop cracks and potholes. Asphalt driveways need crack repair and seal coating on a regular basis, which can become pricey. Asphalt is also limited when it comes to style and colour, with black being your only option.

The Pros and Cons of Concrete

Last but not least, your final driveway paving choice is concrete. Concrete is an incredibly durable building material used extensively in construction. Concrete driveways are long-lasting, require very little maintenance, and are slow to show cracks and damage. They can stand up well to heat and are easily cleaned and cleared of snow. Concrete also provides any driveway with an attractive finish and is available in other styles than the standard grey.

The main drawback of concrete is that its numerous benefits cause it to be the most expensive option of the three.

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