How a Gravel Driveway Benefits You

You use your driveway on a regular basis, if not every day. With something used so often, it makes sense to make sure you’re getting something that will benefit you for a while. Going with a gravel driveway over an asphalt one is a great option that has many different benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • Individualized appearance. There are many different types and colours available for gravel, so you can customize your gravel driveway to best suit your individual style and aesthetic.
  • Low maintenance. Potholes and other dips in your driveway’s surface can be annoying to deal with as well as hard on your vehicle if the pothole is deep enough to cause damage to your tires. However, given the less compact and rigid structure of a gravel driveway, these potholes and dips can be filled much easier than with an asphalt driveway. In fact, if you have nearby gravel, you can fill the pothole in yourself with a shovel.
  • Excellent draining. Draining is important in the event of a heavy rainfall or storm. Gravel driveways are much more porous than asphalt surfaces, so they are much better for draining rainwater. With a gravel driveway, rainwater will drain away faster and get down to the earth below it sooner.

Are you looking to switch over to a gravel driveway? We can help! We carry gravel that can be delivered to your home, so reach out to us here at Flesherton Concrete Products to get your gravel today.