How is Recycled Concrete Made and Used?

When you hear the words “recycled concrete”, you may be wondering what exactly is involved in creating such a thing. The simple answer is that recycled concrete is its own type of aggregate, but it does involve the reuse of certain materials.

Recycled concrete is made by using industrial crushing equipment to break up original concrete structures. These original structures could be anything from sidewalks to foundations and curbs or concrete slabs. After the first round of the recycling process, recycled concrete is then sent through another crushing cycle before it is screened for the removal of dirt and foreign objects. Finally, the recycled concrete pieces are separated by size.

Differently sized pieces of recycled concrete aggregate are versatile and can be used for many different project types. For example, large pieces of recycled concrete can be used along shorelines as riprap to help break the water and prevent erosion. Smaller pieces are often used for foundational purposes during road construction. Additional applications may include raised garden beds, landscaping, retaining walls, or a gravel alternative for drainage systems.

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