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If you’ve ever had a gravel driveway, you know that it doesn’t stay new forever. In fact, living in a snowy area, plan on maintenance after every winter. Gravel driveways can offer many advantages in the meantime, however, such as natural moisture drainage when compared with concrete, which requires drainage plans to keep moisture away from your structures and your neighbour’s. Gravel is a cheaper alternative for paving larger, longer outdoor areas. After time, gravel eventually becomes spread too thin, gets worked into the dirt, or otherwise becomes unevenly spread out over your driveways and parking. This commonly occurs after winter plowing. After plow season, it is advisable to again spread out the gravel relocated by plowing.

If left unmaintained, the uneven gravel coverage on a gravel driveway can allow ruts to form in driveways, causing more extensive parking and driveway maintenance needs. These include needing the addition of fill dirt, regrading, and adding gravel. Don’t wait for these to happen. When you find that you need another layer of gravel spread on your driveway, call us at Flesherton Concrete Products to keep your vehicles traveling smoothly and your parking and gravel driveway space working well for water and snow drainage, parking and driving.

We can simply and inexpensively add to the existing gravel to restore the gravel driveway for you. Even with needing regular maintenance, when compared to the cost of tearing out former paving to repave (as is generally needed with asphalt or concrete paving repair) gravel is a cost-effective option that naturally facilitates precipitation and melting drainage into the natural ground water.