How to Maintain a Gravel Driveway

For many, having a gravel driveway instead of a concrete or asphalt one makes a lot of sense. It is the more affordable route when installing yet can give years of service with proper maintenance. Here are the main tasks you should know about properly maintaining your gravel driveway – and it’s easier than you might think!

  • Raking – If you keep up with raking your gravel driveway now and then, you’ll be able to keep it level while clearing it of debris, such as sticks, leaves, and grass. Always be sure to mow your yard with the discharge heading away from your driveway to save yourself some work later.
  • Drainage – If you had your driveway installed to properly drain, you’re probably all set. It should be higher than the lawn, so water doesn’t run into the driveway. It should be level so that water doesn’t pool anywhere or flow across the gravel in a heavy downpour. Often, just a bit of raking will do the trick but if it doesn’t, you may need to make some bigger changes.
  • Reapplication – You may find it necessary to freshen your gravel driveway with a thin layer every one or two years to keep it looking nice. Having gravel delivered will also give you a bit extra to take care of any potholes that may have developed.
  • Winter – In order to protect your gravel driveway in the winter, never plow or shovel all the way down to the gravel. Leave one or two inches of snow, which won’t be a problem as the gravel itself offers enough traction to maneuver even with a bit of snow on it.

If you want to install a gravel driveway or need a load of gravel to freshen an existing one, give us a call at Flesherton Concrete Products.