How to Prepare a Site for Concrete Pouring

If you require concrete pouring services for a building site in the Collingwood, Ontario area, then you need to make sure the area is first properly prepared for the concrete base. Even with high-grade concrete and expert pouring services, a poorly prepared site will lead to concrete damage in the not-too-distant future.

There are four basic steps you can take to ensure that your building site is well prepared.

Step 1 – Clear and prepare the site

Once you’ve established the rough perimeter of the desired area for the concrete base, you need to clear it of materials which would interfere with digging and with the pouring process. Anything covering the raw earth, such as rocks, grass, plants, shrubs, and trees, needs to be removed.

Next, you can prepare the site by marking the corners with four stakes to indicate the future corners of the concrete slab. Check the slope of the site by using a line or builder’s level, and remove any earth that is needed in order to flatten out the area.

Step 2 – Prepare a subbase

A subbase refers to the material that the concrete will rest on. If the soil on your building site is sandy, well-compacted, and well-drained, then you may be able to pour the concrete directly on top. However, if your soil is more loamy, then you may require sand and gravel delivery.

If poured on top of a poor subbase, concrete can move and crack due to excessive settlement. A 6- to 8-inch layer of quality sand and gravel from a contractor can easily help to prevent this.

Step 3 – Create a form

A “form” for the concrete to be poured in typically consists of a wooden perimeter built around the outline of the pouring site. A quality form will make for a better concrete finish. You can ensure a good form by constructing all corners so that they meet at exact 90 degree angles. If the angles are correct, your diagonals will have the same measurements.

You should also keep in mind that when the concrete is poured, it will exert pressure on the form, pushing your boards outward. You can brace the form by placing stakes and kickers along the edges.

Step 4 – Call a trusted concrete delivery service

If you’ve taken the time to prepare a quality site, then you want trusted provider of concrete and cement. Sand and gravel, if you require it, should also be delivered by experienced contractors.

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