How to Prepare for Concrete Delivery

Getting the concrete you need for your construction project is simple when you trust our team at Flesherton Concrete Products. We offer high-quality concrete that is suitable for a wide range of applications, and we have all the equipment we need to deliver your concrete in a safe, organized, and timely manner. However, concrete delivery is improved with a bit of help on your part. Here are several tips that will help you prepare for concrete delivery:

  • Inform Your Neighbours About the Delivery- Let the people or businesses around your property know about your concrete delivery so they are prepared for any disruptions that might occur during the day.
  • Check the Weather Forecast- While light rain may not do significant damage to freshly poured concrete, heavier rain or stormy weather can cause swelling, cracking, or pitting. Take a look at the weather before scheduling concrete delivery to choose the ideal day and time.
  • Confirm That Your Order Is Right- Finding out that you ordered the wrong amount of concrete can throw a wrench in your plans, to say the least, so make sure to double check your order before delivery day to ensure it is correct.
  • Clear Space for Our Truck- Our concrete delivery trucks are large and require a few metres of clearance on each side. If you choose a location for us to park and make space on the site ahead of time, the concrete delivery process will be much smoother. That means you can complete your project sooner.