How to Upgrade a Gravel Driveway Surface

Gravel driveways are a popular option for many people because they are cost-effective and easy to maintain. While constructing a gravel driveway can be less tedious than some alternatives, that doesn’t mean the outcome has to be any less beautiful. Here are some popular aggregate options that will elevate the aesthetics of a gravel driveway:

  • Dark Trap Rock – Dark-colored trap rock is an ideal finisher because it offers a unique finish to any gravel driveway. This gravel is also angular and locks together, making it more stable than some other types of gravel.
  • Pea Gravel – Pea gravel is a popular option if you’re going for aesthetics with your gravel driveway. Not only does pea gravel come in a variety of different colors, but it also requires little maintenance, making it ideal for a variety of driveway applications. A similar aggregate to pea gravel that is popular for gravel driveways is Jersey Shore gravel, which is made up of tan and gold-colored rocks that have the coloration of sand.
  • Chipped Marble – Marble chips can be a bit more expensive than other gravel driveway aggregates, but the aesthetic appeal is hard to deny. This white aggregate will sparkle in the sunlight, giving a beautiful appearance at the entrance of a home or business.

It’s important to note that many gravel driveway aggregates need a solid foundation and stabilizing base to ensure that the rock and stone stay in place. Over time, different types of gravel can migrate out of the driveway area and into other yard areas. Planning for containment will keep a gravel driveway looking its best for a long time to come.

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