Landscaping Tips: Best Uses for Sand and Gravel

If you are planning your next landscaping project, you may have questions about whether you should use sand and gravel. While some instances may be more obvious, other times the choice between using sand and gravel can be a little more difficult. Here are a few quick tips for the best uses of sand and gravel for various landscaping projects.


  1. Playgrounds – There are a variety of different types of sand out there, but one instance where you most certainly want to choose sand over gravel is with the construction of a playground or sandbox area. Make sure to ask about the type of sand you’ll need for the best results.
  2. Gardening – Sometimes sand is a good solution for different gardening projects, such as a filler for planters, a stabilizing platform for your pond installation, or as filler for steps.
  3. Masonry – If you are planning to build a new structure by laying concrete blocks or brick, using masonry sand will ensure stability and longevity. Your product supplier can recommend the masonry sand you’ll need.


  1. Driveways – A gravel driveway is often a cost-effective and efficient way to gain entry and exit on your property. Determining the gravel size and type will help you build a driveway that offers complete function year after year.
  2. Gardening – Aggregates are also ideal for gardening projects of all shapes and sizes. You can enhance your flower beds, provide additional ground support, or even add decorative gravel to complete your landscaping project.
  3. Erosion Support – Gravel is another great way to protect against erosion or areas that tend to wash away during wet weather. You’ll want to choose the aggregate that’s durable enough to handle a variety of weather conditions.

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