Mason Sand 101

The construction industry requires the use of all kinds of different materials, both large and small. One such material is sand, and one of the most common types of sand used in construction is mason sand. Mason sand is known for its fine texture and versatility, making it ideal for a variety of uses in construction.

Mason sand is commonly used to make mortar, in large part due to its consistency. Mortar is perfect for bonding bricks and other construction materials, and having a consistent, even texture is vital for keeping the materials together. Other sands aren’t as consistent and often have more impurities, making them less suitable for mortar.

When it comes to making concrete, mason sand is also a valuable resource. Concrete can be made from multiple types of sand, but mason sand is ideal. Its consistency in size and shape means that the sand will mix easily with the various other materials used to make stronger concrete. It’s important for concrete to be strong and durable for whatever structure or project it’s used for, so using mason sand is a good idea for producing the best concrete possible.

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