Recycled Concrete

Cement is the second most consumed material, second only to water. Due to its high consumption rate, finding a way to reuse old cement is imperative to preserving our planet and helping to reduce landfill waste. Choosing to use recycled concrete for your project is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy on the budget.

Recycled concrete is good for the environment in many ways. First, it is using a material that has already served its purpose as a concrete finish, and it is now changing its purpose. Recycled concrete is often used as a fill aggregate. By using the material as an aggregate, other natural resources are preserved. Additionally, using recycled concrete as an aggregate is allowing the material to be put into good use, rather than taking up space at the landfill.  The pollution process of mining and shipping new materials also emits unhealthy fumes and toxins in the air. By choosing to use recycled concrete, you are also helping eliminate carbon dioxide in the air. When concrete is being crushed and cleaned, it absorbs carbon dioxide pollution.

Recycled concrete is very easy on the budget when choosing to use it as an aggregate instead of stone, gravel or mineral alternatives.  The cost of crushing and cleaning concrete is significantly lower than the mining, quarry and freight cost of mining raw materials.

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