The Quality of Aggregates Matters-- Here’s Why

When it comes to aggregates, most people assume that a rock is a rock, and however the rock shows up in the ground is how it’s used. The truth is that aggregates are made of different types of stone from various places that are crushed to create aggregates for many applications. For example, pea gravel has a different source than filter sand, and crushed stone is different from recycled concrete.

A critical factor in using aggregates is the quality of the aggregate material. This is important because the type of aggregate will affect the outcome of a project. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use filter sand for masonry work, and you wouldn’t want to use limestone for a large-scale paving project.

Finding quality aggregates begins with working with a company that understands how to manufacture these products and supply them to be ready to use for any number of projects. The right company will be able to explain which aggregates will serve the purpose best and deliver quality aggregates that work well for the job. Whether it’s a paving company that needs a foundation for a gravel driveway or a government agency looking for aggregates for a road paving plan, it’s essential to match the suitable aggregate with the right type of project.

At Flesherton Concrete Products, we are prepared to provide our customers with high-quality aggregates that will ensure the success of your construction project, no matter the scope and size. If you have questions about our aggregate products or would like to schedule a delivery, contact us today.