Three Applications for Crushed Gravel

It could be argued that crushed gravel is one of the more versatile aggregates. Not only does it come in an assortment of sizes, but it can also be used in many different applications across multiple industries. Here are three common uses for crushed gravel:

1.  Pouring Concrete – Concrete must have gravel as part of its mixture in order to form correctly. However, crushed gravel isn’t only used as part of the mix. This aggregate can also be used as a stabilizing base for roadways and walkways prior to concrete being poured.

2.  Drainage & Piping – Another important use for crushed gravel is during the installation of drainage systems or pipes. For example, if a drainage ditch has been dug, crushed gravel is ideal as a foundation for the ditch to prevent erosion and more effectively guide water in the right direction. Similarly, when pipes are being laid, crushed gravel serves as a foundation for the pipes, helping to stabilize them after installation.

3.  Landscaping – Many landscaping contractors like to use crushed gravel as the decorative rock around flower beds and walkways. Because crushed gravel comes in many different colors, it can easily be selected for aesthetic appeal as much as function.

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