Timely Concrete Delivery is Critical to Project Success

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional builder of any sort, it is likely not going to come as a surprise that concrete delivery condition is critical to the success of the entire concrete laying process, regardless of the project. Tearing out concrete is a labourious and expensive process. It is important that the concrete delivery givse you an aggregate or concrete mixture at the proper temperature and moisture and all in a homogeneous mixture that will cure correctly.

Concrete delivery is the first stage of a multi-day process of curing concrete, the second stage of which is pouring before then finishing. To get a finished paving product, structural foundation footings or floor, driveway and sidewalk, or Sonotube (such as the base of light poles) it is absolutely essential that the initial concrete delivery be as close to perfect as possible. One way to make sure that the concrete delivery goes off without a hitch is to make sure it is perfectly timed to ensure optimal pouring condition. We are honest about what concrete deliveries we can commit to so that we can ensure timeliness and proper service.

At Flesherton Concrete Products, our pride is concrete delivery that you don’t have to worry about. We do everything we can to give you a leg up on your foundation, paving, or specialty concrete pouring from the second we agree to partner with you for concrete delivery.