When you think about sand, you probably conjure up a time when you’re at the beach or a park playing in the sandbox. Here at Flesherton Concrete Products, we work with sand all the time in a variety of capacities, many of them you may not have realized before. Here are a few ways that we use sand in our business.

Uses for Sand that Don’t Involve Building a Sandcastle [infographic]

  • Filter Sand- Many pools, ponds and even man-made lakes use filter sand for their cleaning and filtering process. It takes a quality and fineness of sand to be used as filter sand that you can’t get just anywhere.
  • Aquariums- Large and smaller aquariums alike can all use certain types of sand (often filter sand) for an addition of a natural element.
  • Landscaping- Sand is often for landscaping quite frequently, such as in between pavers, as a component of concrete, or creating a safe area under a trampoline or play structure.
  • Masonry Sand- Masonry sand is used to create types of bricks and masonry as well as hold them together with the right mastic combination.
  • Road Traction- During the winter, sand is a common addition to road salt in order to give roads more traction.
  • Playground Sand- Under many different playgrounds, you’ll find the addition of playground sand to make a safe, softer landing for play.
  • Manmade Beaches- Whether outdoors or as part of an indoor/outdoor pool, manmade beaches are welcome sandy additions.
  • Cleanup- Sand is a great outdoor cleanup tool for oil spills from your car, grill or a paint mishap.
  • Manufacturing- Silicone computer chips are made using sand!

To learn more about uses you might have for our variety of high-quality sands, give us a call at Flesherton Concrete Products today.