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Ways to Use Crushed Stone

Here at Flesherton Concrete Products, we manufacture our own crushed stone for your use. Crushed stone is a great resource to use for many different projects, and because we manufacture our own, we are able to tailor our stone to your specific needs. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate crushed stone into your home or outdoor space, here are some ideas.

  • Landscaping. Crushed stone adds an eye-catching flair to your yard. You can place it around trees, flowerbeds, or anywhere else you would like to incorporate it into your unique space for a textured, visually interesting appearance.
  • Increased drainage. Crushed stone can help with increasing and bettering the drainage on your property. The gaps in between individual stones make it ideal for draining off rainwater from storms.
  • Driveways or parking spaces. Because of its strength and durability, crushed stone can be used to create cement for driveways, parking spaces, sidewalks, and anywhere else you want a smooth surface for parking or walking.
  • Chicken feed. This is one of the more interesting uses for crushed stone. Chickens need the minerals that are present in crushed stone, so if you own chickens or are looking to own some, consider purchasing some crushed stone to be ground into chicken feed.

Crushed stone has many different benefits to suit a variety of different needs. If you are looking for crushed stones for your home project, reach out to us to talk about how we can manufacture some tailored to your individual needs.