What is Filter Sand and Why Do you Need It?

Are you planning to build a pool or other water feature on your property? If so, you will need filter sand. Filter sand is used in water treatment facilities as well as construction projects large and small, including manmade lakes and ponds. Commonly known as pool filter sand, the differences in this sand compared to the sand used in playgrounds is what makes it best for your pool or water feature.

  • Size – Pool filter sand particulates are typically .45 -.55 millimeters in size. Playground sand particulates can be up to 2 millimeters in size. The smaller size of pool filter sand makes it much more effective at catching dirt, debris and tiny particulates.
  • Silica – One difference between filter sand and play sand is that filter sand contains silica. This is filtered out of play sand because it is carcinogen and therefor considered unsafe for children to play with. However, in pool filter sand, the silica attracts and holds particulates in water, making it a much more effective cleaner.

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