Filter sand can be used in most any body of water

Before working with pools or water filters, most people don’t realize that there are different types of sand you can buy that have different purposes! Here at Flesherton Concrete Products, we work with a few different types of sand, each with their own use. These include sand types for playgrounds and sandboxes, masonry sand, and filter sand. What exactly is filter sand, and what does it do? Let’s look a little further into that!

Filter sand is not the same as regular sand and cannot be interchanged with other types of sand. Filter sand is usually much, much smaller in terms of diameter when compared to other types of sand. Because filter sand is so miniscule, when you run water through your filter sand, it is able to filter out and trap the comparably large particles of dirt or debris. Filter sand can be used in most any body of water that is cleaned with a pump and filter, including swimming pools, ponds, even the occasional fish tank. Without the proper filter sand in your filters that require sand, a lot of the dirt and gunk that is supposed to be trapped within the filter would just work its way right through and back into the water supply. In short, you’d be running a pump through a filter, but with none of the cleaning power, if you didn’t have the right filter sand.

At Flesherton Concrete Products, we have a variety of sand types, including filter sand, that we can offer in order to meet your needs, so come and see us today to learn more!