well-versed in gravel and other types of aggregates and concrete

Here at Flesherton Concrete Products, we have been working with different materials like gravel and aggregates for several decades now. Discussing things like A gravel and B gravel have become second-nature to us, but we want to make sure that our customers leave our services feeling equally sure of what the difference between gravel products is and which will work better for their needs. If you want to know the difference between A gravel and B gravel, we would like to help you better understand.

  • A Gravel: A gravel is designed to be able to allow for drainage of water when necessary. This means that A gravel is ideal for use in areas like under roadways, driveways, parking lots, etc. A gravel can also be used in residential foundations or commercial flooring. This type of gravel is usually smaller in diameter (less than an inch or so) and will be mixed with another material, usually sand, in order to make it easier to work with.
  • B Gravel: While B gravel is also mixed with sand on most occasions, the size of the rocks or crushed stone that accompany B gravel can vary, sometimes depending upon the purpose that B gravel will be fulfilling. Usually reserved for major roadways or parkways and industrial building, B gravel is meant to stand up to more frequent and heavier use.

At Flesherton Concrete Products, we consider ourselves to be well-versed in gravel and other types of aggregates and concrete. If you have questions about our gravel, the differences between these types of gravel and what type would be best for an upcoming project, please give us a call today.