What You Need to Know About Recycled Concrete

Concrete is used extensively in today’s world as a popular building material for construction in large part due to its durability and strength. When structures are demolished or otherwise destroyed, there remains a lot of excess concrete that could go to waste. However, concrete can be recycled and used for various purposes.

One reason that recycled concrete is such a beneficial material is that, even though the original structure it was a part of has been destroyed, it still retains its durability and strength even in smaller pieces, although it is better to utilize this resource in projects that don’t require massive slabs of concrete rather than trying to build large structures with it. This makes recycled concrete a good choice for re-pavement purposes, as cars and other vehicles crossing the pavement need that durability. Recycled concrete is also typically a cheaper option for pavement aggregate, meaning you can save money on your construction project.

The planet also benefits from recycled concrete usage. Increased recycling means reduced aggregate production, which can drain the planet of its natural resources. Plus, less room is being taken up in a landfill when you utilize what would otherwise be thrown away. When you choose to use recycled concrete, you are helping to be more environmentally conscious and responsible.

We here at Flesherton Concrete Products carry recycled concrete in addition to several other types of aggregate for your construction projects and are happy to bring it to your construction site, so reach out to us to see how recycled concrete can benefit you.