Recycled Concrete

Recycling concrete does a number of things to save money and protect the environment.  Landfills do not fill up as fast as they normally would when concrete is recycled, which means precious land is saved.  Also, builders do not make such a big carbon footprint on the earth because they do not need to drive so far to take the old concrete to quite distant landfills.

Recycled concrete is screened in such a way that any offending materials that do not belong in concrete are removed.  The recycled concrete is compressed to whatever size is needed. The energy to prepare the recycled concrete is far less than that of producing brand new concrete, and on top of that, natural resources are spared due to the recycling involved.

The big benefit of using recycled concrete is not only the fact that you helping to protect the environment, but the cost is also far lower than using new concrete, so money is freed up for other aspects of your construction project.

Keep in mind that recycled concrete in small chunks can even be used as an inexpensive replacement for gravel when you are engaged in creating drainage for a wet area.  And remember that whether your project is beautiful paths and walkways, lovely and eye-catching raised garden beds, solid retaining walls, or impressive terraced gardens, recycled concrete can be just the environmentally friendly material for you and your needs!