Saving money is so important nowadays, and having a gravel driveway is the cheapest option when compared to other possibilities.  But due to a variety of gravel colours and types, it can still be a stylish choice for you, especially if you have a very long driveway, as construction expenses can add up fast! Remember, it will take you relatively little time to prepare it, and with good care, a gravel driveway can last you at least five to ten years.

The ideal gravel shape for your drive is definitely pea-sized. You want to avoid other shapes because they can cause trouble for you and not crunch together as well as pea-shaped rocks do when a car runs over them.

But, as with anything, you will need to maintain your gravel driveway. About every three to five years, you will need to fix up the driveway to maintain it.  Using an herbicide to suppress plant growth is a good idea, and you should also keep the importance of drainage in mind, since you do not want water ruining your gravel driveway over time.  Using side edges is important to keep the gravel from being forced off the path by vehicles and weather and into the adjacent area.  A little effort there will keep things looking good.

You can’t beat a gravel driveway for the price, especially when you have a large area to cover. So if you are willing to deal with some moderate maintenance needs, this is the best choice for you.