Why Filter Sand is ImportantIf you’re looking to build a swimming pool or other water feature in your backyard, you may have heard of something called filter sand. While it may not seem like much, filter sand does a lot in maintaining your pool, pond, or other water feature. Filter sand is what helps keep your water feature clean.

Water gets filtered through the filter sand, which is small, yet large enough to filter out debris and other substances that might pollute or contaminate your water feature. This filtration happens because the spaces between the grains of sand are able to catch any stray particles that need to be filtered out. While there are certainly other filtration systems available, filter sand is a popular choice because it requires much less maintenance for you to deal with than other filtration options.

Without adequate filter sand, harmful substances can linger in your water feature and make it dirty. If you have a pond with fish in it, failure to keep the structure adequately filtered can cause your fish and other water life to get sick. In order to maintain good health for your pond or water feature, be sure to use filter sand and change it out as needed.

Are you looking for a good way to keep your outdoor water feature clean and free of contaminants? Try using filter sand for a low-maintenance filtration system. Filter sand is one of many aggregates we carry here at Flesherton Concrete Products, so reach out to us today to secure some for your next project.