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Your Concrete Questions Answered: What is Concrete Made of?

Concrete is something that we see every single day under our feet as we walk down the sidewalk, holding up our buildings and bridges, and used in a variety of construction and art projects everywhere. But what is it about concrete that makes it so sturdy and so versatile? What exactly is concrete made of?

Actually, the makeup of concrete isn’t that complicated. Put simply, it is a combination of aggregate (rock, sand or gravel) and cement as a binding agent. What becomes trickier is creating the different types of concrete for different purposes. For example, the concrete used for a building structure is a different combination than that of asphalt cement that you see on the roadways.

Depending upon the type of concrete being used, it is common for reinforcing materials like rebar to be added to ensure the stability and effectiveness of concrete structures. This form of concrete is often referred to as “reinforced concrete”, since it has additives incorporated for greater strength and stability.

Concrete is used for projects large and small, and there are some very famous structures that are made of concrete; for example, the Panama Canal, the Roman Colosseum, and the Hoover Dam are all built of concrete.

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